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Strong Starts 

Pedagogical Innovation

The academic environment has become increasingly competitive. Undergraduate students commonly experience high levels of stress and often work long strenuous hours to achieve their goals. Furthermore, when projects or assignments do not go as planned, students often blame these outcomes on their core characteristics, stating that they “are not good enough,” “don’t have enough motivation,” or “don’t have what it takes to achieve their goals.” These statements can have significant adverse effects on academic and vocational success as well as their well-being. However, I believe that students do not lack motivation or dedication; rather, they are not equipped with a practical, comprehensive system that enables them to achieve their goals consistently. Indeed, undergraduate students referred to their goal-setting strategies as “unfocused,” “unorganized,” and even “non-existent.” Therefore, I have developed an innovative course designed to help students learn and implement an evidence-based, comprehensive system for goal setting and productivity.

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Course Composition: Students learn, practice, and implement a comprehensive system specifically designed to help them consistently achieve their goals. It is comprised of 4 modules lasting 1 hour in duration.

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