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About John (he/him)

John's approach to research, teaching, and pedagogical innovation centers on the theme of getting people off to a strong start.

This ‘strong starts’ approach is inspired by his grandmother who, as a public health nurse, established the Niagara Region’s first maternal postpartum depression support group in the late 1970s. Inspired by her legacy of compassion and ingenuity, John has dedicated his career to investigating if programs that support the health of mothers/birthing parents not only improve their health, but also benefit their children and families.   


John with his grandmother, Irene Langley 

The overall goal of his research is to determine how we can best harness the immense plasticity of the developing brain to prevent mental disorders and optimize the health of families in Canada and beyond.

Career Highlights 

$1.48 Million

Awarded in Grants, Awards, and Scholarships thus far in my career

CHIR logo_edited.png

Tri-Council Funded 

2021 CHIR Project Grant $650,000 over 3.5 years 

21 high impact peer-previewed publications

Vanier Logo.jpg

The Government of Canada's most prestigious graduate scholarship

Community Engagement

Dedicated to involving people with lived experience in my research program and sharing research with the community


Committed to ensuring that my students get off to a strong start

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