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The importance of early brain development 

Scientists worldwide have called for more research to examine if optimizing early brain development can reduce risk for mental illness

Interventions applied during times when the brain is rapidly developing may provide a unique opportunity to reduce risk for multiple mental disorders across the lifespan

Early interventions are among the smartest social policy investments 

John Krzeczkowski is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Brock University, and the director of the Strong Starts Research Program. He earned his PhD as a Vanier Scholar at McMaster University and has conducted Postdoctoral training at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and at York University. His research investigates the foundations of  emotional and cognitive development  and examines how early interventions can optimize the developing brain. His research program bridges theory with application and spans numerous disciplines, including developmental psychology, social development, interpersonal interactions, neurodevelopment, and intervention science. He is rapidly establishing himself as an expert in the field with 21 publications and has earned close to 1.5 million dollars in funding from grants, awards, and scholarships throughout his career. 

John Krzeczkowski, PhD (he/him) 

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